About Interiors

We are a truly multi-disciplined interiors studio, with a team of dedicated, talented and experienced designers. Our approach is to work in collaboration with clients to realise their vision, unique needs and aspirations. Practicality is always foremost in our designs, the hidden detail being just as important as the visible detail.

We have a very strong relationship with our bespoke manufacturers, highly skilled craftsmen and artists, ensuring seamless transition from concept to build and constantly monitored by our committed team.

Our work takes us all over the world, working on both residential and commercial projects. We do not subscribe to any particular look or style; our designs are very organic and develop from meeting our clients, discussing their needs and bringing their personality into our designs. Whilst the majority of our projects are “high-end turn-key projects” we are often called in to provide basic styling or accessorising.

Having our own interiors store is a real benefit when it comes to putting those final finishing touches which brings about the ultimate transformation of the property. We pride ourselves on our ability understand our clients lifestyle. Luxury living isn’t just about visually attractive surroundings with high end product placement; it’s about combining stunning sumptuousness with effective functionality.

We also produce realistic visualisations for our clients. We occasionally work with developers to produce these visualisations, which have been used for marketing properties that are yet to be furnished.

By doing this it provides the viewer a look into what the finished room will look like before any work has been undertaken. This is another facet to our multi-dimensional company. We strive to deliver the best and as a result we’ve attained repeat business from our clients. Our motto is to adapt ourselves to our clients’ needs and to merge their personalities with our design expertise to create something truly captivating!

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