About Price Drop

We believe value should be shared. So our “price drop” service offers a unique feature allowing our customers to benefit from volume discounting.

As you would expect, the cost of a product manufactured in volume is nearly always lower than that of a one-off piece. Similarly, transporting a single item from continental Europe is more costly than transporting that same item within a bulk consignment. So the cost per piece can be affected dramatically by several factors.

We have developed a unique system for passing on these savings to our customers. This works by storing orders for a set period. During this period, as other customers order the same product the manufacture’s volume discount reduces the unit price. So we can pass economies of scale and shipping on to our customers.

The discounts are tiered, and passed on to all our price drop customers regardless of the price at the moment you order. So if a customer orders an item at the start of a Price Drop, priced at £10,000, subsequent orders for the same item might save everyone thousands of pounds – if enough customers order the item, the customer who placed the first order at £10,000 might pay as little as £5,000.